March 14, 2005, 05:10 PM

What is this?

By Kevin Whited

Welcome to the archives of Chronically Biased.

The site was launched in the spring of 2004 as a Houston Chronicle watchdog site. KSEV-700 owner Dan Patrick had the idea of doing the site. Owen Courreges was contacted initially, and he contacted me.

With their consultation, I did all of the original site design (sans the graphical mastheads, designed by Owen), software customization, and layout, and purchased the domain name and set up hosting.

At some point, the project scope went well beyond what I ever contemplated, and I left it. Dan Patrick's follow-on project (Lone Star Times) can be found here. Original CB contributors Rob Booth and Owen Courreges continue to post there.

My own followup project, blogHOUSTON (a Houston-centric media and politics blog), is located here. Anne Linehan, whom I recruited to the original Chronically Biased, also joined me at that project. It's what I thought this project would always morph into, and so it did, sans any affiliation with KSEV.

I have resurrected these archives on my personal hosting space because I believe in saving archives, and while some of the Chronically Biased posts were absolute crap, I think some of them were pretty good. I have not resurrected the comments, and commenting is closed.

This site is only intended as an archive. Feel free to visit the successor projects for more active posting.

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